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Racepal Australia is at its core a technology company, born out of a love of thoroughbred racing.

At its heart, Racepal aims to maximise wagering returns on thoroughbred racing via the creation of proprietary technologies that give punters the tools to succeed.

Racepal was launched in 2018, the realisation of a dream for founder Reece Crowther to share his technologies with the broader racing community.

Racepal currently offers two subscription services, based on Racepal’s profitable technology. Racepal Daily via Email and The Racepal Club. The Racepal Club is the complete immersive experience, giving punters access to the entire Racepal team, all technologies and an engaged and vibrant community of like minded individuals.

Reece Crowther - Founder

Reece Crowther - Founder


“We don’t bet on hunches. If you want to gamble, go play the pokies. The Racepal australia daily analysis services and community is for individuals who want to consistently profit from thoroughbred racing.”

reece crowther  |  Founder